Monument Island - Miami Yacht Charter

Monument Island Adventure…

For a beautiful day on the water in Miami head over to Monument Island by boat, jet ski or kayak. The island offers a sandy beach with clean shallow water surrounding the island. The area is perfect for jet skiing and kayaking. On any given day you may have boats surrounding the island, see a small sailboat regatta, witness a jet ski guided tour taking place or just see folks floating in the water off of the island relaxing.

On the weekend, the island is a meeting place for local boaters and charter boats. Monument Island is the perfect destination for your Miami yacht charter; especially if you select Princess Chelsea with a jet ski and kayak. You can swim, paddle the kayak, or jet ski over to the island.

Flagler Memorial Island History

Flagler Memorial Island, also known to locals as Monument Island, is an uninhabited island in Biscayne Bay near South Beach in the city of Miami Beach, Florida. The monument stands 110-foot (34 m) high and as built in the center  of the man-made island. The obelisk shaped monument with allegorical sculptures at its base stands as a memento to Miami pioneer Henry M. Flagler, who died in 1913.

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