Planning a family vacation in Miami? Charter a boat and explore the bay islands.

Guests have the option to hire a yacht with jet skis, tubes, wake boards and kayaks. Take a leisurely swim or have some fun with these serious toys. Many of the yachts come equipped with snorkel gear. Despite a lack of reefs in the bay, guests can still have an underwater adventure and see some marine life along the islands and out in the open ocean.

If you can’t find the sea life under the water, keep an eye out on top for the dolphins that typically swim around the area.

A yacht charter in Miami is suitable for all ages. Bring the kiddos they will enjoy “Dolphin watching” while you cruise in your private yacht in Biscayne Bay. Perhaps you will find a manatee or two; and, more than likely, you will see many tropical birds perched on the navigational markers.

Miami has tons of regular tourist-type attractions. Many times these attractions are too crowded and you walk away exhausted from the experience. Chartering a yacht gives you the comfort of privacy; whether cruising or stopping at one of the bay islands.

Bring along the grandparents. A fun day on the water for everyone.

Don’t let your next trip to Miami be dictated by shopping malls and frenzied sightseeing tours. Take your vacation to the seas – make it yours.

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